Increase your customers' productivity

create a complete, integrated workflow for you clients

WBP SYSTEMS' Partners are authorized to integrate, support and sell Heap CRM OnSite, Heap Enterprise, Torch OnSite and Torch Enterprise.
  • Help your customers select the right software and hardware for their particular needs
  • Sell the platform, custom add-ons and custom integration as single complete solution
  • Package training with the enterprise products
  • Receive premium add-on and API support from WBP SYSTEMS
Tour of Partner Portal:
Deploy your workflow, sales, project management and budgeting strategy as a WBP SYSTEMS Business and Workflow partner. Our products allow you to import your workflows allowing you to serve clients more efficiently. Implementation Tools: Required Skills:
  • Eduction and/or experience in marketing or project management
CRM and project management systems live or die by employee adoption. If people don't enter prospect information, resource usage, or important communications, reports and budgets will be inaccurate and customers will remain in the dark. It is critical to train and establish procedures:
  • Help setup workflows to be followed
  • Explain the importance of data entry to non-managers
  • Setup training procedures for new employees
Platform service agreements help business more accurately predict cost as well as provide the service provider consistent revenue. Install Heap or Torch on Linux, Unix or Web PI. Required Skills
  • Ability to install and optimize MySQL, Apache and PHP
  • Knowledge and experience in selecting server models
  • Understanding a diverse set of operating systems
Using the command line interfaces and extensive APIs in Heap and Torch, you can create a seamless workflow for your customers. Allow your customers to use their CRM and project management information as a data source in accounting, business operations and spreadsheet software.

Post visitor data into Heap or Torch. Show intranet viewers appropriate CRM or project management information. Anything is possible with our seven integration points:
  • HeapCL: Communicate with Heap CRM from the command line
  • Heap JavaScript API: Create new functionality within Heap using just JavaScript
  • Heap Simple API: Retrieve or post information using our powerful search functionality
  • Heap JSON WebHook: Retrieve or post information in JSON
  • TorchCL: Communicate with Torch Project Management from the command line
  • Torch API: Complete XML based interface powered by our powerful search functionality
  • Torch JSON WebHook: Retrieve or post information in JSON
Partner Documents: Partner Flyer (PDF | PAGES)
Heap Install (PDF | PAGES)
Torch Install (PDF | PAGES) Partner Graphics: Heap Reseller (EPS | PNG)
Torch Reseller (EPS | PNG)
Authorized Partner (EPS | PNG) Heap CRM Marketing Material: Always Know V.1 (PDF | PAGES)
Always Know V.2 (PDF | PAGES)
OnSite / Enterprise Flyer (PDF | PAGES)
Heap Mobile (PDF | PAGES) Torch Project Management Marketing Material: Client and You (PDF | PAGES)
OnSite / Enterprise Flyer (PDF | PAGES)
Torch Mobile (PDF | PAGES)